Appreciation Skills of High Quality Sauce-flavor Baijiu

Chinese Baijiu has a thousand year long brewing history. Sauce-flavor Baijiu, with its unique brewing environment, exquisite brewing technology and long brewing cycle, has formed a unique Sauce-flavor Baijiu culture, and established an unparalleled noble position of Sauce-flavor Baijiu.

Characteristics of High-quality Sauce-flavor Baijiu

High quality sauce flavored wine has a colorless or slightly yellow color, is transparent and free of suspended solids, and is good tears of glass.

High quality sauce flavored wine has a strong sauce aroma, elegant and delicate, and an empty cup leaves a long-lasting fragrance.

High quality sauce flavored wine is soft and mellow, without any odor, with a rich and long-lasting aftertaste.

After drinking high-quality Maotai flavor Baijiu, the aroma will overflow into the mouth, harmonious and mellow, and you will not hang your throat when swallowing; Drink too much and wake up quickly without any physical or mental discomfort.

Identification Method

Take the best Maotai flavor Baijiu as A, and then take the Maotai flavor Baijiu to be tasted as B, and enjoy it in the following way: pour two cups of wine A and two cups of wine B, number them, and do not mark the name of the wine.

After mixing, the taster will taste the wine separately and distinguish between A and B: If the product can accurately distinguish between A and B, the difference between the two types of wine is significant;

Pour two cups of A wine and one cup of B wine, with a number and no wine name. Mix and place. If it is not possible to accurately distinguish A wine and B wine after tasting, then the two wines are of the same or similar quality.


Wine Tasting Enjoyment

If you want to taste exquisite Baijiu, you need to understand its production process and its style characteristics. In a comfortable and quiet environment, in a peaceful and leisurely mood, you can slowly appreciate its delicacy layer by layer.

The elegant aroma of Maotai flavor Baijiu includes Qu flavor, Maotai flavor, cellar bottom flavor, aged flavor, etc. The coordination of various aroma is the best. Pour a small amount into the mouth to experience whether the wine is full bodied, whether the taste is harmonious, and whether the aftertaste is mellow and long. Enjoy with light inhalation and light exhalation.

In the Compendium of Materia Medica, it is mentioned that “wine is the beauty of heaven, while qu wine, when consumed in moderation, promotes blood circulation and qi circulation, strengthens the mind to ward off cold, dispels worries and promotes vitality. Excessive drinking can damage the mind and consume blood, damage the stomach and essence, and generate phlegm and heat.

Moderate alcohol consumption can improve blood circulation. People who drink alcohol in moderation live longer than those who do not. Scientific research practice has proved that Maotai flavor Baijiu has relatively little effect on human liver fibrosis; The impact on human liver steatosis is relatively small.


Healthy Drinking

When you are happy, someone uses it to help you, and when you are down, someone uses it to solve your worries.

The quality of wine actually depends on how you master and drink it. The human liver can metabolize approximately 1 gram of alcohol per kilogram per day.

A person weighing 60 kilograms should have a daily alcohol intake limit of less than 60 grams, which may vary depending on gender.

Because women have a small body size and high body fat content, if they drink the same weight of alcohol, their blood alcohol concentration will be higher than that of men; In addition, the emptying time of women’s stomach is longer than that of men, and the stagnation time of alcohol in the stomach will also increase, thereby increasing the absorption of alcohol.

Therefore, the safe alcohol consumption of women is generally lower than that of men.

Five Methods for Healthy Drinking:

Try it: Although the toxins in alcohol can be decomposed and excreted by the liver, the liver’s functional load is limited. Here, it is recommended to temporarily stop drinking according to the daily safe drinking amount to avoid adverse effects on the body.

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach: Before drinking alcohol, you should first eat something, or drink some milk, juice, etc., which can slow down the absorption rate of alcohol by the stomach wall.

Drinking with ice: Ice, juice, or water can be added to the wine to dilute the alcohol concentration.

Mild alcohol: You can choose lightbeer with a lighter alcohol concentration (which is one-third of the alcohol concentration of regular beer).

Tasting: Learn to taste slowly and not drink it all at once. On the one hand, it can slow down the absorption of alcohol, and on the other hand, it can also reduce the amount of alcohol consumed.


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